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Here and on the following pages we want to inform you about changing current news about our products, activities and the company IBIS GmbH.

In case of product new announcements, please also note the further information in the respective product division.

SiViB 1001 Signal converter and limit monitoring for vibration and rolling bearing condition

SiViB 1001 converts the signal of a piezoelectric accelerometer into an analog DC or current signal. Thus vibration measurements can be easily and inexpensively fed into a machine control or a process control system.

SiViB Record TF

Monitoring module with tracking filter (depending on the speed entrained filter) for monitoring individual frequency components, such as the 2nd harmonic


Monitoring module for rotational nonuniformity and torsional vibrations

Sensor tester IST 01

Automatic accelerometer tester according to the IEPE priciple.
Check for breaks and short circuits, as well as the correct bias voltage.