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Ibis measurement technology

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Ibis measurement technology

How to get your readings

What is the function of the measuring electronics in the monitoring system?

Measuring electronics refers to the field of electronics that deals with the measurement of various physical variables, such as temperature, pressure, light, etc. The measurement electronics for sensors enable the recording and evaluation of measured variables of a machine, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, light, acceleration, etc.

Measurement technology has various functions, such as amplifying the sensor signal, linearising and calibrating the measured values, converting analogue signals into digital ones and communicating with other systems.

Advantages of measurement electronics:

Overview of our measurement electronics

Ibis SiViB measurement technology

Vibration and rolling bearing monitor
Type SiViB

SiViB stands for comprehensive condition monitoring of vibration, rolling bearing condition, temperature, speed and other values. Internal measured value memory and interfaces for data transfer help with analysis.


SiViB 750

SiViB 1001

SiViB 1500

Record Control Software for SiViB

Configuration and analysis software for SiViB Record measurement modules

Ibis TorsiMon measurement technology

Surveillance monitor type TorsiMon

TorsiMon is used to monitor torsional vibration (rotational irregularity), torsional vibration, torsional angle and for subsequent torsional analysis on machines. 

Ibis Sensor DigiVib

Vibration measuring system type DigiVib

DigiVib is a digital acceleration sensor with integrated microprocessor. The measurement takes place simultaneously in 3-axis (spatial directions).

Measuring physical quantities

Advantages of measurement electronics

Measurement electronics, or measurement technology or measurement and control technology, offers numerous advantages in various areas of application. Here are some of the most important advantages of such measuring systems:


Measurement electronics enable precise and accurate measurements, which is crucial in many fields, such as research, science and industry.


Electronic measurement techniques often provide faster measurement results compared to manual methods, which is especially important in real-time applications.

Data analysis

Electronic measuring devices can record and store data, which enables detailed measurement analysis and evaluation to make informed decisions.


Measurement electronics can be integrated into automated systems, increasing efficiency and productivity by providing continuous and reliable measurements without human intervention.

Cost efficiency

In the long term, metrology often offers greater cost efficiency by providing accurate and reliable measurements and reducing the need for repetitive manual measurements.


Electronic measuring devices can be adapted for different parameters and sizes, which increases their flexibility and adaptability to different measurement requirements.

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