Sensors and measurement electronics

Overview of our products

We offer a wide range of products from sensors to measurement electronics and vibration monitoring.

Ibis fair electronics

Products for monitoring vibrations

Sensors, measurement electronics and analysis tools

We offer you a wide range of products in the field of sensors, measurement electronics and analysis tools - from standard solutions to customised products.


Ibis GmbH offers you a wide range of sensors and measuring electronics, as well as tools for vibration analysis. From standard solutions to individual custom-made products, we have a practical solution for every problem. 

Overview of our products

Ibis sensors / acceleration sensors / vibration displacement sensors


From acceleration sensors to vibration displacement sensors, we have a suitable solution for every application.

Ibis measurement technology

Measuring electronics

With the measuring electronics you can record and analyse measured variables such as temperature, pressure, humidity, light, acceleration etc.

Ibis sensor tester IST 01 for acceleration sensors


Analyse measurement results and check sensors with the help of our toolings.

Ibis products in all areas of technology

Product applications and services

In an ever-changing business world, versatile solutions are crucial. As Ibis GmbH, we are proud to offer a wide range of product applications and services in various industries. Our commitment to innovative solutions and industry-leading expertise enables us to provide tailored support in the following key areas:

& facilities


Raw material extraction/
& -recyling


E-mobility &

Air &
Space travel


Research &

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