Highly accurate & precisely aligned

Laser optical alignment
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Achieve maximum accuracy and efficiency of your machines and equipment with Ibis Laser Optical Alignment.

Ibis Laser Optical Alignment of Machines
Ibis Laser Optical Alignment of Machines

Get the perfect laser-aligned machine

Aligning machines with laser technology

Machines often need to be aligned with each other to ensure smooth and trouble-free running. Aligning machines with laser technology is crucial to ensure efficiency, accuracy and longevity.


Nowadays, laser-optical alignment systems are state of the art. However, they are only worthwhile purchasing if they are used regularly. If you only have to perform alignment tasks occasionally, our service is the perfect alternative.


We align your machines using the latest laser technology and can also, if necessary, adjust the Balancing on site at the same time.

Fields of application of laser optical alignment:

Achieve precise results

Special mounts for laser optical alignment

Before, during or after laser-optical alignment, special assembly work is often necessary to achieve the ideal position of your machines. With the help of our laser technology and experienced service personnel, we can support you in many areas of special assembly:

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 Precision and efficiency

Advantages of laser optical alignment

Laser-optical alignment of machines is crucial to ensure the efficiency, accuracy and longevity of machines and equipment. Here are some important reasons why laser optical alignment is necessary:

Precision and accuracy

Laser optical alignment enables extremely precise and accurate adjustment of machine components. This is particularly important in industries where even minor deviations can lead to quality problems, production errors or wear.

Wear reduction

Precise alignment minimises unnecessary wear and premature abrasion on machine components. This leads to longer machine life and reduces the need for expensive repairs or spare parts.

Avoidance of downtime

Machines that are not properly aligned tend to fail more often. Laser optical alignment minimises downtime by significantly reducing the likelihood of machine failure due to alignment problems.

Increase in product quality

Precisely aligned machines produce higher quality products because they deliver consistent results. This is particularly important in the manufacturing industry, where product quality has a significant impact on market success.

Increase efficiency

Correctly aligned machines work more efficiently, resulting in lower energy consumption and lower operating costs. This is beneficial from both an economic and an ecological point of view.


A precise, laser optically aligned machine minimises the risk of accidents and injuries that can be caused by poorly aligned machines.

Other services

Ibis Mobile balancing on site

Balancing on site

We take over all balancing tasks for you quite conveniently with portable balancing equipment without high transport costs or time-consuming dismantling work.

Ibis DigiVib Speedbox measurement technology

Vibration investigation

We are at your side from the very beginning. From identifying your vibration problems to setting the ideal vibration behaviour.

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