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Acceleration sensors
for measuring oscillations and vibrations

The acceleration sensors from Ibis help you to monitor the full range of conditions and vibration analysis of your machines.

Why you should rely on Accelerometer from Ibis

This is how measurement with acceleration sensors works

Accelerometers, also known as accelerometers, are electronic sensors used to measure the acceleration of an object and the resulting vibrations.


Acceleration is the rate of change of an object's velocity per unit time and can occur in different directions. With our sensors you can detect linear accelerations in the three spatial directions. The sensors are usually based on the principle of the piezoelectric effect or the micromechanical system (MEMS).

Application areas of sensors for measuring accelerations:

Ibis sensors / acceleration sensors / vibration displacement sensors

Overview of our Acceleration sensors

Ibis acceleration sensor type AE10

Accelerometer type AE

Robust all-round sensors for outdoor mounting. Screw mounting directly or via an adapter plate. Cable outlet in desired direction, directly on the machine housing.

10 - 100 mV/g


Measurement axes:
1 – 3

Ibis acceleration sensor type AR100.928

Accelerometer type AR

Robust ring sensors with simple fastening via a screw. Cable outlet in desired direction. Close to the machine (no cable loops in the way).

10 - 100 mV/g


Measurement axes:

Ibis acceleration sensor type AI10

Accelerometer type AI

Compact built-in sensors for internal installation in spindles & bearing housings. Customised adaptations and additional temperature measurement possible.

10 - 100 mV/g


Measurement axes:

Ibis acceleration sensor type AM100

Vibration sensor type AM

Universal sensors especially for mobile use. Fastening by screws, magnetic base or adhesive adapter.

10 - 100 mV/g


Measurement axes:
1 – 3

Various sensors are also available in high-temperature versions or with particularly high sensitivity up to 1,000mV/g.

Compact Design & Precise Capture

Advantages of Acceleration sensors

Our Ibis accelerometers offer a variety of advantages in different applications due to their ability to measure the acceleration and motion of objects.

Vibration monitoring

In industrial applications, accelerometers allow machines and equipment to be monitored for vibrations to prevent premature wear or unexpected failures.

Precise measurements

The sensors provide precise measurements of acceleration in various spatial directions. This accuracy is crucial in applications where the measurement of movements and forces is critical.

Multiaxial measurements

Multi-axis accelerometers can measure acceleration in multiple spatial directions simultaneously, which is crucial in complex applications such as inertial navigation of aircraft and spacecraft.

Compact design

Modern accelerometers, especially MEMS-based sensors, are small and lightweight, making them suitable for a variety of applications where space or weight constraints are a factor.


Accelerometers are shock and vibration resistant, making them suitable for use in demanding environments such as the automotive industry and industrial monitoring.

Wide range of applications

Accelerometers are found in a wide variety of industries and applications, including aerospace, automotive, medical, sports, consumer electronics, industrial automation and more.

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