Detection of vibrations and movements

Vibration displacement sensors
for monitoring relative vibration

Safe and accurate measurement with the Ibis vibration displacement transducer without contact via the eddy current principle. High accuracy down to the µm range.

Why you should consider vibration displacement sensors from Ibis

This is how distances are measured with vibration displacement sensors

Vibration displacement sensors are sensors that can measure the displacement or displacement of a vibrating body. They are usually based on a principle of induction or electrocapacitance. The sensor detects the movement of the vibrating object and converts it into an electrical signal that can then be further processed.

Application areas of vibration displacement sensors

Ibis vibration displacement sensor and unit for vibration displacement measurements

Overview of the vibration displacement sensors

Ibis Vibration Displacement Sensor WSG 69-71

Type WSG 69-5

Vibration displacement sensors for contactless detection of the relative vibration between the measured object and the sensor.

Ibis WSG 69-5 Adjustment unit for use with sensor for vibration displacement measurements

Adjustment unit for type WSG 69-5

Oscillator or demodulator unit for use with vibration displacement transducer WSG 69-5.

Precise and reliable detection

Advantages of our vibration displacement sensors at a glance

Rely on the precision and reliability of our vibration displacement sensors to optimise your applications and increase the efficiency of your processes. Discover the future of measuring vibration and motion with our state-of-the-art sensors.

Highest precision

Our sensors are designed to detect even the smallest vibrations and movements with the highest precision. This gives you accurate data for your applications.

Robust and durable

Our sensors are designed to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions. They are robust, durable and can be used in various industrial environments.

Wide range of applications

Our vibration displacement sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications including machine monitoring, structural monitoring, vehicle testing and much more.

Simple integration

The integration of our vibration displacement sensors into existing systems is uncomplicated and user-friendly. You can quickly put the sensors into operation and benefit from the results.

Customised solutions

We offer customised solutions to ensure that our sensors fit your requirements perfectly. Our experts work closely with you to develop customised solutions.

Comprehensive support

We are at your side with our expertise and first-class customer support. If you have any questions or problems, we are always there for you.

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